The humble K2 meter was thrust into the limelight as the ‘must have’ piece of equipment for Paranormal Investigation a few short years ago by the American TV Show ‘Ghost Hunters’ and has grown in popularity ever since. Every self-respecting Parnormal Investigation Team has one in their kit, but what are they really good for and should we trust them when investigating for ghosts and spirits?

Essentially, the K2 meter is simply a device for recording the presence of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) within an area, the strength of which is indicated by a traffic light system of 5 lights (green being the lowest and red being the highest). EMFs are everywhere, originating from appliances, mobile phones, electrical wiring and even the human body. The K2 meter helps to measure and identify appliances that produce high-level emissions, allowing users to make an informed decision about limiting exposure.

It is generally accepted in the Paranormal field that Spirits and Ghosts give off an energy which is similar to that of an electric charge and therefore the K2 meter should in theory pick this up and register a change if there is something other-worldly present.

When using a K2 meter as part of your ghost hunt it is imperative that you are able to eliminate any ‘natural’ interference such as mobile phones and electrical cables etc.

You need to check the area thoroughly before beginning to call out for spirits to ensure you have a baseline reading to work from. The K2 meter will display one green light to show a ‘normal’ level (a magnetic field of 0 – 1.5 milliGauss and will register up to 20+ milliGauss, which is an extremely high reading.
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A man-made EMF tends to create a steady reading but the presence of Spirit is reflected by a much more erratic display, with the lights flickering and often bouncing across a wide range of readings. Within the context of a ghost hunting vigil, the user would ask the spirit or ghost to approach the device in an attempt to make the lights flicker and perhaps in response to questions; for example, asking the entity to approach the lights only if the answer to the question is yes. This is something that I have personally witnessed and had amazing results with, but as with all things Paranormal, the individual has to make up their own mind on the results.

There is some criticism surrounding the reliability of K2 meters for Paranormal Investigations because they will sometimes detect radio signals from other items such as Walkie-Talkies etc and the fact that they can only register a range rather than an exact reading means that it is impossible to get an accurate measure of the ‘spike’. However, if used in a controlled manner and with other investigation equipment to support its findings, it remains one of the most popular pieces of equipment for the amateur ghost hunter and will probably continue to do so for many years.