Controlling weeds is considered to be the a single of the most considerable problems for a lot of blueberry growers. This report discusses both equally in-row and inter-row weed management.

In-row Mulching and Weed Management

Managing Weeds is viewed as to be the 1 of the most sizeable troubles for a lot of blueberry growers. It is especially critical to control intense perennial weeds and undesirable perennial grasses that grow by developing several underground stems, referred to as rhizomes. Quack grass, Johnson grass, and Bermuda grass are examples of grasses that distribute by rhizomes and must be killed right before you plant blueberries as they can be a important invasive issue.

Organic mulching substance to a depth of about 4 inches (ordinarily sawdust or floor bark) is desired for fantastic generation. Irrigation is also a requirement. Blueberries are developed usually on mulched, elevated beds in clay soils these types of as those people in Kentucky. Raised beds enable present satisfactory drainage. Raised beds also assistance cut down the occurrence of soil and h2o-borne conditions. Thick organic and natural mulches provide weed and sickness suppression, soil temperature regulation, gradual-launch of vitamins, and dampness conservation. H2o administration is of paramount problem because blueberry roots lack root hairs they are not effective in water and mineral absorption.

It is important to keep a weed-absolutely free zone about blueberries so the blueberry crops do not have to compete with the weeds for drinking water and vitamins. Scientists have decided that an the best possible weed cost-free zone close to the blueberry plant for the duration of the to start with decades of expansion should increase approximately 1.5 to two feet on each individual aspect of the plant. This interprets to a 3- to four-foot-huge, weed-cost-free row bed.

Inter-row Management

As currently stated blueberries do not have in depth root units. As a end result, clear cultivation of row middles to management weeds and to integrate deal with crops can be finished with little destruction to blueberries. Just one ought to not till deeper than three inches if tilling is necessary. Sodden middles that do not incorporate grasses that distribute by rhizomes and are commonly not aggressive with the blueberry crop are really excellent and provide inter-row living mulches that can be mowed to include vitamins and minerals back to the soil. Mowing, commonly three to 5 occasions just about every year, is the standard suggests of managing weeds and other vegetation in these sodded middles. Dandelions are perennial weeds that are “great weeds” to make it possible for expanding in the sodded middles since they have lengthy tap roots and carry up nutrients from deep in the floor. When mowed these vitamins and minerals come to be offered to the blueberry crops. It is important that weeds not be authorized to generate seed and as a result perpetuate the weed problem.
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Fescue is occasionally made use of for sodded middles, as are various other grass species.


Managing Weeds is deemed to be the just one of the most sizeable troubles for a lot of blueberry growers. Both equally in-row and inter-row management of weeds is significant in blueberry fields.

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