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All guttering contractors are experienced with managing and working on different gutter projects, and as homeowners, we are not experts when it comes to home improvement project management. Certainly we would think that the lowest bid to complete this type of project is the best deal there is, that’s why we find ways to work within our budget. This mindset would definitely place us in a great disadvantage in the end and this is not usually the case when it comes to gutter improvement.
There are many reasons why ‘choosing the lowest contractor bid’ is a wrong. If you prepared an estimate and planned to manage the project expenses accordingly, remember we can never trust the lowest bidder not to cut corners; they will always find ways to earn their target revenue, therefore, they are forced to cut corners to make up the difference from your demands. One of their strategies is agreeing on a lower contract cost, but will later force you to pay for modifications or force you to accept ‘work omission’ when the work is being done. You are now left with no choice (due to lack of knowledge and experience) but to acknowledge the contractor’s charge and let them perform this additional work, So, instead of working on a project that is comfortably within your budget, you would eventually end up getting a substandard work which will result with having to pay for re-work, therefore ending up on a more expensive and unreasonable cost.
If the lowest bidder gives you a quote that is 15 percent cheaper than the average guttering service in Australia, you have to raise a red flag. The expenses for similar projects like labor costs, workers insurance, as well as the materials to be used do not differ that much. To avoid this, keep in mind that guttering project will require ample amount of time, high quality materials, and cost planning to come up with something of high quality, so do your research before getting into contractor dealings.
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Remember, companies need to make money and hit their target income all the time, since this is the case, businessmen know almost all the techniques just to reduce their out of pocket expenses on any transactions. There are many ways to cut expenses in any home improvement jobs, for example, using inexperienced workforce and the use of low quality materials. Keep in mind that with the right research, complete company background check, and a little bit of market analysis, will help you understand why the cheapest is not the best and also understand how project cost estimates are usually created.