Keeping your gutters clean and in proper repair is one of the least expensive and most important ways to maintain your home’s value. If your gutters are blocked or improperly installed, water will drain onto your house, causing rot damage to wood surfaces. While the fall is the time of year most associated with overflowing gutters, the other seasons pose their own problems. In states that have 4 distinct seasons, it is important to keep gutters clean and repaired throughout the year.
Four season states require gutters to be clean year-round
If you live in California or Oregon and other states without harsh winters or icing, you can often clean your gutters just once per year. Other states that have winters with lots of snow and ice, require more care. Gutters can become damaged from freezing water, falling ice, or the weight of collecting snow. Long winter means there is plenty of time for damage to occur. If your gutters are not kept clean in advance of the winter, you are at risk of expensive damage. gutter repairs
Likewise, the spring brings heavy rains, which may worsen conditions that developed over the winter. April, May and June are rainy months and your gutters will be working hard. In some states, summer brings additional rains. But as the weather is not as harsh, many people make repairs, install new gutters and accessories such as gutter guards. In four season states, the fall months are time that your gutter investment most pays off. Falling leaves, branches, pine cones, etc, with quickly fill even the most clean gutters. If you’ve done your proper maintenance, the rain will wash the debris down the spout and away from your house. If you haven’t kept your gutters as clean as you should have, here’s where you will pay the piper. With only yourself to blame.
Clean gutters protect home value
Simple scheduled tasks, like keeping your gutters properly cleaned and maintained is an important 1st step in keeping your home well-maintained.
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