1951 Under the leadership of Eric Morley, the United Kingdom was property to the Overlook Environment Pageant, a person of the most essential natural beauty contests on the world.

1952 The 2nd Once-a-year Miss Environment Competitors was held in London. Sweden ‘s perfomance at MissWorld commenced out really perfectly! This Scandinavian region won the award two yearsin succession.

1953 Manel Illangakoon,MissCeylon — Asia’s finest hope in the Uk — was 3rd runner-up to Miss out on World Contest. In the early fifties, Ceylon was one particular of three Asian nations to have contend in the splendor pageants on the earth. This Island became Sri Lanka on 22 Might 1972 and has due to the fact competed less than that identify.

1954 Egypt’s Antigone Constanda grew to become the very first non-European consultant to be topped Pass up Planet. America’s delegate Karin Hultman was initially runner-up to Miss Entire world, forward of Efi Mela ( Grece ), Claudine Bleuse ( France ), Franke Waither ( Germany ) and Grete Hoffenbland ( Denmark ).

1955 Margaret Haywood, a “substantial beloved”, became the 2nd American girl to be named finalist in the British cash.

1956 The United States positioned next for the 3rd time in a row.

1957 Japan’s entrant capable for the finalstwo many years in succession.

1958 Five out of 6 finalists at Skip Entire world were from Europe: Claudina Auger ( France ), Vinne Ingemann ( Denmark ), Gun Harriette Margareta Wagstrom ( Sweden ), Lucien Struve ( Holland ), and Eileen Sheridan ( United kingdom ).

1959 Miss out on Rhodesia, Vivien Lendin, and Skip South Africa, Moya Meaker have been semi-finalists. Rhodesia — Zimbabwe due to the fact 1980 — was not semi-finalist once more right until 1965.

1960 South Korea’s contestant Youthful-hee Lee built the prime fifteen for the initially time. Korea’s qualification for the semi-finals was a person of a number of surprises.

1961 Skip Spain Carmen Cervera was the 1st Spaniard to make the semi-finals. She also grew to become the only Hispanic splendor queen to area among the the finalists in 1961.

1962 Miss Japan, Teruko Ikeda, was fourth runner-up to Miss Globe Contest. Ikeda was just one of the very first Japanese delegates to be elected finalist.

1963 Liberia, a country of ex-slaves, designed the best fifteen for the to start with time.

1964 The United Kingdom, the host region, was the winner for the next time. Apart from that, Helen Joseph turned Montserrat’s initial and only semi-finalist. Montserrat is a tiny Island on the Caribbean Sea.

1965 Eight out of fifteen semi-finalists at Miss out on Environment were being from Europe :Lesley Langley ( British isles /winner ), Gladys Waller ( Ireland ), Ingrid Kopetzky ( Austria ), Yvonn Ekman ( Denmark ), Faija Marja Salminen ( Finland ), Christine Sibellin ( France ), Karin Schutz ( Germany ), and Britt Marie Lindblad ( Sweden ).

1966 Miss Yugoslavia, Nikica Marinovic, was allowed to compete at Miss Entire world, wherever she nearly pulled off a important shock. Nikica was initial runner-up! What could have transpired if Yugoslavia — a Communist nation — experienced gained this contest? Through Cold War, Yugoslavia was one particular of only 4 Communist nations to compete in London, along with Czechoslovakia ( 1967, 1969, 1989 ), Bulgaria (1988), and Poland (1983-89 ).

1967 Peru’s Pass up Globe Madeleine Hartog-Bell, after a trend product in Paris, went on a peace mission to South Vietnam, along with other names like Bob Hope ( actor ), Barbara McNair ( performer ) and Raquel Welch Tejada ( actress ).

1968 For the 1st time, Miss United states did not advance past the first spherical.

1969 Marcela Britanarova was permitted to leave Czechoslovakia, a Communist nation, for a journey to London, where by competed for the Overlook Globe title. In Britain, shequalified for the second round.

1970 Breaking with the custom of the previous two a long time, a black representative, just Jennifer Hosten ( Grenada’s contestant ), received the world wide trophy. The victory established off a frenzy of celebrations on Grenada, one of the world’s 10 smallest nations.

1971 Guyana, Britain’s final colony on the South American mainland, produced the leading fifteen for 6 years in succession.

1972 Mexico’s consultant Gloria Gutierrez turned the only Latin American elegance queen to location amongst the semi-finalists.

1973 Two out of five finalists at Miss World have been from Asia: Pass up Philippines, Evangeline Pascual ( 1st runner-up ) and Miss out on Israel ( third runner-up ). Aside from that, Sylvia Ohannesian was the initially Lebanese woman to be a semi-finalist at Miss out on Entire world.

1974 America’s entrant Terry Ann Browning completed fifth.

1975 Yugoslavia, the only “Communist competitor” in London, skilled for the next spherical and then positioned seventh.

1976 Jamaica’s entrant Cindy Breakspeare gained the British award. For political explanations, several international locations boycotted the 1976 Overlook Planet. The clarification provided by these international locations, among them Yugoslavia and India, was that they objected to South Africa’s participation in England.

1977 As soon as yet again, politics performed a key role in this global contest. Amazingly, Jamaica did not protect its Miss Entire world title. Why? It boycotted this event to protest the inclusion of South Africa.The country’s Head of Government Michael Manley, an admirer of Cuba’s dictator Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, refused to enable Jamaica to compete in Britain.The Island was joined by India, Indonesia, Liberia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Singapore, Swaziland, and Yugoslavia.

1978 Was Argentina the large-favourite for the Miss out on Entire world title? No, it wasn’t. But, Silvana Suarez, Argentina’s consultant, won the crown. Aside from that, South Africa was banned from opposition simply because of its government’s racist guidelines. Nevertheless, Jamaica returned to London soon after participating in the African-led boycott of the Pass up Earth Pageant.

1979 Seven out of fifteen semi-finalists at Miss Globe have been from Latin America / Caribbean:Gina Swaisson ( Bermuda ), Debbie Campbell ( Jamaica ), Lea Silva Dall Acqua ( Brazil ), Roselina Rosas ( Mexico ), Lorlei de la Ossa ( Panama ), Marlene Coggins ( Trinidad & Tobago ) and Laura Rodriguez ( Uruguay ).

1980 Was Israel the big beloved for the Overlook Earth trophy? Yes, it was. But, Miss Israel, Anat Zimmerman, did not win the award. Apart from that, Bermuda, which won the international pageant in the earlier 12 months, built the major fifteen in the British money.

1981 Venezuela’s Skip Environment, Pilin Leon, the tallest delegate at MW ’81 , frequented Caracas, the place she ,a former volleyball participant, was offered heroine’s welcome.

1982 Skip Trinidad & Tobago, Aretha Ingrind Rocke, was labeled as the”Cleopatra of the Caribbean” by the press for community reviews about her unique face. She — the country’s most attractive women of all ages considering that Janelle Penny Commissiong — was a “substantial favorite” to get the intercontinental award in 1982.

1983 Welcome to England.Skip Malaysia Michelle Yeoh –nowadays a person of Asia’s most famed actresses — did not even make the semi-finals, but she noticed this world wide contest as a terrific studying working experience.

1984 Most likely the most noteworthy “Miss World anecdote” for Bolivia wasprovided by Erika Wyesse, a breathtaking blonde. Bolivia’s splendor queen Erika Wyesse was criticized by animal legal rights activists, when a photograph of her sporting an “ocelot coat” was printed in London. Sad to say, the ocelot is an endangered animal on Earth, which include Bolivia.

1985 The United States won the Skip Americas title for the 1st time other than Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Skip United states Globe, Brenda Denton, defeated Jamaica’s Alison Jane Barnett, the weighty push preferred in the British capital. In addition to her continental prize, Denton was next runner-up in Skip Entire world.
1986 Five out of seventy-7 entries at Miss out on Earth were being from Oceania: Australia, Guam, New Zealand, Tonga, and Western Samoa.

1987 For the first time in many decades, Pass up United Kingdom, host region, failed to make into the semi-finals. Nonetheless, Hong Kong grew to become the only British colony in the 2nd spherical of the Miss Planet Levels of competition. In addition to producing the top 12, Pass up Hong Kong, Pauline Yeung, now a famous actress in Asian film marketplace, grew to become “Pass up Asia”.

1988 California’s Diana MagaƱa, 1st runner-up to Overlook United states 1988, made the prime 10.

1989 Moscow,USSR. Iceland’s Linda Petursdottir was the initial Pass up World to check out USSR /Soviet Union ( present-day Russia ).

1990 The Miss Planet title went toGina Marie Tolleson ( The us ). Tolleson, who positioned as initial runner-up in Pass up United states of america 1990, grew to become the next U.S. delegate to gain that title given that the British celebration very first began in the nineteen fifties.

1991 France made the leading 10 for the 1st time due to the fact 1980, when Patricia Barzyk was 2nd runner-up.
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1992 For the 1st time in its historical past,Russia, a Marxist state fourteen months ago, captured the Briton award. In the meantime, Miss America, Sharon Belden, was named amid the semi-finalists.

1993 The Overlook World Pageant went toJamaica — which is a bit more substantial than the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Considering that it grew to become a sovereign state, a previous British dependency, in 1962, the Caribbean Island has gained three Overlook Globe titles.

1994 The new star of India, Aishwarya Rai, was crowned Overlook Earth and many years later she grew to become a well-known actress. Aishwarya Rai has appeared on screen with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and Bollywood, such as Nandita Das, Martin Henderson, and Ben Kingsley.Some pageant industry experts believe that that she is “1 of the most wonderful ladies of the earth”.

1995 With gubernamental aid, among them Nelson Mandela, and the enthusiastic assist of the South African men and women, Sun City hosted the pageant. For the 1st time in a number of yrs, the States was removed in the preliminaries.

1996 Bangalore, India. Nine international locations and 1 dependency competent for the award: Greece ( winner ), Colombia ( 1st runner-up ), Brazil ( 2nd runner-up ), Venezuela ( finalist ), India ( finalist ), Dominican Republic, Aruba, Mexico, South Africa, and Belgium. Remarkably, the States did not progress past the very first spherical.

1997 Skip Globe was held in Seychelles ( Africa ). It was in truth an option for the entries to check out 1 of the world’s most gorgeous and beautiful beaches. The elimination of Latin The us, from Argentina to Venezuela and the American Virgin Islands, from the next round shocked lots of pageant specialists.

1998 Miss out on Israel, Linor Abargil, captured the intercontinental award — she gained the country’s only Skip Earth title that decade and century. In addition to this title, Israel has had many semi-finalists and finalists: 1956 ( 2nd runner-up ), 1957 ( semi-finalist ), 1959 ( 2nd runner-up ), 1960 ( 1st runner-up ), 1962, 1967 ( 3rd runner-up ), 1968 ( 2nd runner-up / favorite ), 1969, 1970 ( 2nd runner-up ), 1972 ( 2nd runner-up ), 1973 ( third runner-up ), 1974 ( fourth runner-up ), 1976, 1980 ( 2nd runner up / most loved ), 1983, 1984, 1985, 1992, and 1995 ( third runner-up ).

1999The forty ninth Annual Pass up Entire world Contest was held in London ( finals ) and the Maldives Islands ( swimsuit picture shoot ). Miss India was the winner it has had two titleholders from 1965 to 1994.

2000 There were being many surprises: Kazajstan’s agent Margarita Kravtsova and Uruguay’s entrant Katja Tomsen experienced certified for the next round. Tomsen, who speaks English, Spanish and Italian, was also topped Pass up Americas.

2001 The Indian dynasty in Miss Earth, with 3 world wide awards from 1997 to 2000, ended this yr right after it failed to qualify for the 2nd spherical.The People’s Republic of China was represented for the to start with time at a Miss Entire world Contest China’s delegate concluded fifth.Astonishingly, Carrie Ann Stroup did not even make the semis in South Africa. According to Ladbrokes, Stroup, Miss The usa, was a “substantial most loved” to earn the intercontinental crown, ahead of Christianne Balmelli ( Chile ), Sara Corner ( India ), and Andreina Prieto ( Venezuela ). The United states of america had gained the award 2 times, in 1973 and 1990.

2002 Turkey’s natural beauty queen was elected Miss Earth. She introduced household her country’s 1st at any time Miss out on Earth. For the initially time, there have been 20 semi-finalists: Nigeria, Holland, Colombia ( 1st runner-up ), Puerto Rico, China, Yugoslavia, Russia, Peru ( 2nd runner-up ), Norway, Vietnam, India, Curacao, Aruba, Australia, Philippines, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy, Venezuela and the United States.

2003 Miss out on Planet, Rosanna Davison was hand-picked by a leading-course global jury, including Candace Bushnell ( author ), Jackie Chan ( actor ), Pradeep Guha ( journalist ), and Gustavo Gianetti ( product ). Davidson was a large preferred following the preliminaries. Prior to Ireland ‘s victory, it did not progress previous the second spherical due to the fact 1990.

2004 Pass up United states, Nancy Randall, built the major 3. In China, Randall turned the second black American to be named semi-finalist in Pass up Globe. She hails from Brazil.

2005 Iceland – the most sparsely populated state on the continent of Europe – gained its 3rd international title. Curiously it has much more MW awards than any region apart from India ( five ), Venezuela ( 5 ) and the United Kingdom ( four ). “Miss Environment went to Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir ” was the headline in newspapers in Iceland, an Island in the North Atlantic in close proximity to the Arctic Circle.

2006 Was Pass up Venezuela, Federica Guzman Diamante, the hefty preferred for the Miss out on Entire world trophy? Yes, she was. But, however, Venezuela did not earn the worldwide pageant. Guzman Diamante — a tv hostess – unsuccessful to make into the finals. In spite of its historic accomplishment in plenty of contests, Venezuela has not received a MW award due to the fact 1995.

2007 In fairness to thePeople’s Republic of China, the birthplace of the beauty contests on Earth, Zhang Zi-lin , a indigenous of Beijing, grew to become Miss Globe 2007. Overlook China was also the 2nd splendor queen from a Communist country — following Poland in 1989 — to win the European prize. Zhang, an ex hurdler, was the amount a single favorite for the crown, together with other names like Ada Aimee de la Cruz, Skip Dominican Republic, and Jugita Jurkute, Miss Lithuania.For the fourth time, the party was held in a Marxist place. China — with 1 of the most fervent splendor contests followers in Asia — turned the thirty third region to get the worldwide award.

2008 Johannesburg ( South Africa ). The new star of Russia, Kseniya Vladimirovna Sukhinova, was preferred Pass up World. Miss Russia beat 109 other entries in the pageant. She, the large push favored, became the first Russian girl to acquire Miss Globe considering that Yulia Kurochkina in 1992.

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